Candy Critic Exclusive T-Shirts (and more)

Candy Doodle

Gummy Bears

Candy Critic Logo

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Cookies Are Awesome
Gummy Bear Tug-of-War
Candy Critic
Sad Robot
Gummy Bear Weight Loss
Candy Critic Guy
Your Candy Sucks
If Gummy Bears Could Dream
Candy Critic Bar

Gorilla Gum

Also available as a sticker.

Pregnant Gummy Bear

Also available without text.


8-Bit Chocolate Bar

Also available as a tie

8-Bit Marshmallow
Pixelated Gummy Bears
8-Bit Popcorn

Pixelated Yellow Gummy Bear

Also available in red, orange, green, and purple.

8-Bit Pink Gummy Bear
Cheese Doodle
Swiming Bear
Ice Cream Cone
Gummy Bear Poem
All T-shirts are sold through Zazzle. Candy Critic and Beware the Cheese do not manufacture or distribute any of the T-shirts sold on this third-party site. However, if you do have any problems with the T-shirts sold on Zazzle, please let us know as we are concerned about customer satisfaction.